finally THE PILL for MEN

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Ladies the time has come where you can throw away those contraceptives! Yes, get rid of the pill, those condoms in your drawer and let the men finally do the work! The Chinese have been working on the “contraceptive jab” – a hormone shot for men. Sure it sounds scary, “the jab” but atleast we dont have to worry about it. Sure there is a possibility it will of course be recalled for lead positioning, i mean after all it is coming from china so you never know what kind of quality control there is.  Even their own test subjects, about 1000, of them pulled out without giving a reason. Maybe men just can’t handle the hormones levels women can. But honestly I’m not putting my contraceptive needs in the hands of the chinese especially not something called the JAB. Sorry men but you just can’t be trusted with “the jab,” I rather stay on the Pill, or use condoms, or whatever thing they come out with next.

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Calm urged as swine flu spreads – bbc

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If you haven’t been aware what has been happening on in the world and the spread of the SWINE FLU, yes the flu originated in the pig and has mutated, and is now airborne. This is a good video showing what has been going on and a good recap of the outbreak.

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Good Reason To go Kosher and Kill off the Pigs!

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A new strain of PIG flu that mutated from pigs and can now be contracted by humans has killed around 60 people in Mexico thus far. Good enough reason to lay off the pig meat and kill of the pig as a whole… maybe not but it sure is a good reason to not go to mexico besides all the kidnapping and murders in the tourist areas anyway. I mean why risk being kidnapped AND getting the pig flu! That is just asking to die. Are you willing to risk it?

It is insane thinking about all the other possible strains of the flu that are just waiting to mutate and start killing us off. We had the Chicken Flu, Mad Cow, Bird Flu and now Pig Flu. Time to give up meat perhaps.

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More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas | The Onion

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Check out this funny video on outsourcing jobs!

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Need a job… the pushpin industry is thriving!

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According to the onion, if you need a job… get into the pushpin industry. With everyone out of work, people are tacking things up on that wall. You can tack your late bills that you NEED to pay or listings of jobs that you know you won’t get! Check out the full article: here

rosey glow after drinking linked to cancer… wtf

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So for years i’ve been drinking and of course besides being inebriated, I would have that rosey glow. You could always tell even if I just had one glass of wine. Sure for years I’ve known that I should decrease drinking, and I don’t drink that often at all but now I can’t even enjoy life with a glass of wine without fear of cancer. Honestly I am sick of “new” findings that tell me I am at risk for getting cancer, well yeah I am really white so sure the sun can give me cancer, the air can give me lung cancer, and now I can get cancer because my cheeks get pink. WTF

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nazi guard wasn’t too sick to aid in slaughter but too sick to fly

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Demjanjuk, wanted in Germany on war crime charges, wasn’t too sick to actually commit these crimes but now that it is time to answer for these crimes he isn’t feeling well. I can not believe the gov’t is letting this man stay in this country knowing that he may have aided in the slaughter of thousands if not millions. I sympathize with the old, but the the old who had a secret life and now think they can escape it deserve no such sympathy. If that makes me cruel, then I will have to live with that.

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